Sonal is great with kids and very patient during her classes. The variety of art sessions and science classes are just amazing. My son really looks forward to each of her classes and surprises me with his work. Thanks to You 🙏

Reyansh's Mom

For Ridhima the journey started as a class and teacher, but now it's nowhere less than a home and the best companion Sonal Mam. Sonal is always soft-spoken with kids and gives her best so that within no time kids get comfortable with her and loves to attend her classes. Every time she comes up with new ideas, new concepts to make them understand the toughest complex theories in a very simple and hands-on practical way. She really proves the saying that ``Every child is an artist and never compare them.`` She comes up with a very unique style of hers in art, which helps the kids to learn it in its easiest form. Sonal, You are really a blessing in disguise for Ridhima. I wish you all the very best dear 🥰🥰

Ridhima's mom

Sonal is a brilliant teacher. Her teaching methods are simple, yet effective. She is very soft-spoken and keeps kids engaged throughout the classes. I am glad to have found her.


The Learning Brush or Sonal Mam is the one-stop solution for your child's overall development. We live in Dwarka and visited her centre in South Extension a couple of times prior to the pandemic. It was such an enriching experience and our daughter who was 4 yrs old was so happy to be there. But, due to the distance, we could not be regular. Then, something unexpected hit the world and everything was shut down. Sonal Mam came as an angel in our daughter’s (and for working parents like us) life with her collection of online courses with very reasonable price. In the past few months, my daughter has attended painting, drawing, science experiments and logical resonating classes which she would have never attended. All these classes were conducted personally by Mam and small batches ensuring personal attention to every child. I would say that my daughter has added new skills in the last 1 year, especially painting which she never liked. Now she is always motivated to do art activities.
In addition to this, Mam conducted classes like Phonics with the help of an external teacher which ensured we could provide all the right skills to our daughter at right time.

Devanshi 's Mom

Sonal, my son loves to attend your classes, and I see he has improved a lot and sits on his own to draw things. Really appreciate for developing this interest. He waits eagerly for your class.

Deepti Nair

My son is doing so well in drawing and moreover started conversing about different topics and he is aware of different places through drawing and he looks forward to his classes

Kushagra sethi

Sonal is a very talented artist, a brilliant painter, and a superb teacher. I enrolled my daughter with Learning Brush when she was 4 years old. Even at such a young age, she has learnt to paint extremely well since the painting techniques taught in class are age-appropriate and easy for children to learn the basics step by step. Highly recommend Learning Brush's art, craft and painting classes for children.

Sayesha's Mom

Learning brush as the name describes: It is a perfect platform for kids to learn ART of every kind: Be it simple drawings to extensive canvas paintings. The centre is beautifully done up and is well equipped in all aspects.
Sonal is extremely warm and gentle with kids, in fact when I'm at work and my daughter is at the center I am so glad that the evening time is well utilized and under secure hands 🙂
Every class, she would learn something new and different.
Learning brush is a complete learning center as varied workshops are being conducted like science experiments, general knowledge, etiquettes, etc.
Also, the festival special workshops conducted are loaded with fun, beginning from making understand the origin to celebrations.
She basically makes everything easy to learn yet in a fun and interesting manner.
The online sessions conducted post lockdown continue to maintain the same pace and enthusiasm.
Learning brush is a complete knowledge centre under one roof 🙂

Seher's mom

Thank you so much Sonal, you are a great teacher. I must say that Neev learned so much from your drawing classes that now he's able to make good pictures, diagrams in school.

Vibhuti Arora

Life is full of race, but for Learning Brush it's full of knowledge and pace.
Money is the first basic thing for others, but for Learning Brush it's the concept to be taught is the basic thing.
Extending a helping hand is more far these days, but for Learning Brush it's always the first.
Sonal you are a fairy...in disguise for all of us for creating such a wonderful, knowledgeable and helpful group with your magical wand.
And this is true, even though we haven't met each other, but Ridhima is very personally connected to you.
This is the place only which Sonal can create in every child's heart.
Thank you so much, dear.

Ridhima's mom

Some teachers teach lessons and some just steal the hearts of children. Sonal mam is indeed the latter. She's dedicated to her profession and always motivates the little learners to do better. My 7-year-old loves sonal mam's art classes.

Simran Bindra