About us

The Learning Brush

The Learning Brush is an apparatus to enhance the traits of analytical and logical reasoning. It unfolds the chapters of history and explores the mysterious but interesting facts of the mankind.


The Learning Brush turns the time machine to reveal the world changing inventions and examine the complex mechanisms of How Things Work ! It is a smooth traverse to the world of space and satellites,and to unearth the evolution of the planets.
Handmade drawings and craft pieces are thoughtfully fabricated to simplify the complex theories and imbibing the concepts in the most memorable manner.Art is definitely a superior means of communicating ideas, feelings and solutions, also creating everlasting impressions on the mind.Art is the process of creating, exploring, discovering and experimenting.


The Learning Brush focuses on initial years of a child’s development as it is rightly said that ‘First 1000 days of a child’s life are very crucial for shaping the Future’.Child development specialists have concluded that the environment of early years of childhood can have effects that lasts a lifetime.Early years of a child are a window of opportunity for parents to lay the strong foundation for success, growth and intelligence.Creative activities are some of the building blocks of child development.

The Learning Brush works on the motive of  ‘Sharing Knowledge’.The best gift one can give to someone is Knowledge.The Learning Brush delivers the perfect ground for sowing the seeds of 5W’s -WHY, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE and WHO !

“One Magical Potion of Knowledge to a child everyday will not only mean 6570 facts by the age of 18, but also a symbolic tree of Inquisitiveness !”


‘Kids and Colours paint my life’s canvas -Beautiful !’
The Learning Brush is my effort to metamorphose the learning process into an interesting series to follow.Knowledge and Art should be shared like a ripple in the water, circling and spreading, and there is no way of telling where the end is going to be.
I love experimenting with my set of colours and brushes to create an educational piece of art.I keep reading books and exploring to learn ‘something about everything’ and ‘everything about something’.My search for knowledge and spirit of art motivates me to come out with interesting concepts and facts.
The biggest inspiration for creating The Learning Brush is my son Siddhant whose questions sparked the mission to unturn all the stones of knowledge.
I love to interact with kids and answer the curious questions their minds have to ask . There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing the smile on kid’s face,’Smile full of satisfaction and knowledge’.

What parents say about us

“Excellent thought process Sonal. Love the way you execute your work. You are a thorough perfectionist and have very well planned working modules !! Unique concepts are your USP !! Keep the momentum going !! Looking forward to some special events from The Learning Brush !!”

-Nidhi Kashyap, New Delhi

“Hey Sonal …. I have known you from the time when you were so young …. and I have seen you learning new things all the time …. I always thought that you are not ordinary and here you proved me again …. Your innovative ideas and your creativity is a proof that motherhood is such a joy …. I am so proud of you … Your efforts make me feel that whatever I am doing for my kids is okay but you touching so many lil hearts is so Great …. Keep growing .”

-Sheeba Fakhruddin Adil, New Delhi

“Great going Sonal dear.this is really very interesting topic u are working upon,we are really proud of you and look forward to ur new dose of knoledge everyday for all of us especially kids.U kmow few days back when we were on ship ,sailing,Vihaan asked me one question,Mamma u tell that we need tree for Oxygen,but in the middle of ocean there are no trees ,how we get oxygen now,it was a gud question infact,although Vaibhav managed to give him the Answer.would look forward to get detailed study on this from u in future.”

-Honey Yadav,Gurgaon

“Very effective methods of teaching….keep up the good work”

-Neeta Agarwal

“Great, I loved it Great initiative by sonal gupta Best of luck”

-Sudhir Singh

“Innovative thinking , inspiring, incredible , utmost respect..”

-Samneet Singh,Chandigarh