The Learning Brush is my effort to metamorphose the learning process into an interesting series to follow.


I fabricate the handmade drawings and craft pieces to simplify the complex theories and imbibing the concepts in the most memorable manner. I keep reading books and exploring to learn ‘something about everything’ and ‘everything about something’.My search for knowledge and the spirit of art motivates me to come out with interesting concepts and facts.


The biggest inspiration for creating The Learning Brush is my son Siddhant whose questions sparked the mission to unturn all the stones of knowledge. I love to interact with kids and answer the curious questions their minds have to ask. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing the smile on a kid’s face,’ Smile full of satisfaction and knowledge’.

Message to Moms: No work is defined as big or small, the only thing which makes it successful is Passion!

Challenges I faced as a Mom: There are times when it becomes difficult as a mother to balance entrepreneurship and motherhood, but then I always chose to be a Mother. I never cut down on my son’s time rather worked when he was in school or was sleeping.

‘Kids and Colours paint my life’s canvas -Beautiful !’ SONAL GUPTA- FOUNDER OF THE LEARNING BRUSH

How did The Learning Brush start?

18 March 2013 marks the birth of my son ‘Siddhant’. I could realize the depth and meaning of every letter in the phrase, “To be a mother is to watch your heart walk outside of your body !”

As a mother I wanted Siddhant to be the best in everything and excel in life. My efforts started in this direction not only from the early years but from the early days of his precious life. We stick to the belief that such a small child won’t understand anything. Family and friends used to point out at times, that do you think the things you talk to him are relevant for his age?

I remembered one story of Arjun’s son Abhimanyu who overheard the conversation between his mother Subhadra and her brother Lord Krishna about an advanced battle formation known as Chakravyuha, even while he was still in the womb of his mother Subhadra and grasped the secret of advancing through it successfully. When Abhimanyu could understand and master this unique skill just by listening, why can’t our child understand concepts and discoveries if narrated in form of short stories?

Slowly his feeding time and bedtime used to be full of short stories of Invention of Microwave by Perry Spencer, Invention of Jeans by Levi Strauss, Why do we Blink? Why do we have two ears? How does an airplane fly? What is a Snowfall? Why does the ball bounce?

In his initial years, he was a silent listener and a lover of stories and books. When Siddhant started to speak in sentences, my efforts unbelievably began to take their shape. I was really surprised when he asked me at the age of 2.8 years,” Mumma how does sound travel in our ear?”Immediately I took colors and made him understand the Function of Ear with the help of a diagram.

Once while eating a mango, he stares at the mango and says, “Mumma this one is light yellow and that one orange, Why?” We as parents at times happen to suppress the inquisitiveness of the child by not answering. But I could always see the sense of satisfaction in his eyes that my mother makes all efforts to answer my query. His contentment and trust was my reward.

I also started to share the drawings and stories on Facebook with a motive that the magical potion of knowledge could benefit more and more kids and we were a big growing Family of Knowledge. The best gift one can give to someone he cares about is Knowledge!

We as parents always want our kids to excel in life and reach big positions. We spend so much on tuition and classes in their later years. But if we start seeding our kid’s brains with Magical Potions of Knowledge every day, we would have not only gifted them 6570 facts but also a symbolic Tree of Inquisitiveness!

Future Goals:

A book by The learning Brush definitely finds its exclusive place in every kid’s study room.