Story of the Traffic Signal


21 January 2021

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Story of the Traffic Signal!

Whenever we go on a drive with our kids and stop at signals. what do we do ???

When they are small we teach them red means stop and green means go. And just the story ends and we let the kids also not think beyond.
This time when we stop at the traffic signal, we will narrate the full story.

Invention: when, how, and by whom

Learning can be more fun when it’s outside the class.

1923: Garrett Morgan witnessed an accident when an automobile collided with a horse and carriage. He decided a device was needed to automatically direct traffic without the need of a policeman or worker present.

Garrett Morgan patented an automatic traffic signal which was designed to stand on a corner and notify vehicles and walkers whether they should stop or go with visible indicators.

Morgan sold the rights to General Electric Company for the astounding sum of $40,000.00

Activity: Whenever next time you stop at the traffic signal, remember to narrate the small story and share your experience with The Learning BRUSH.