Do Penguins Catch Cold ???


25 August 2018

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Do Penguins Catch Cold ???

Do Penguins Catch Cold ??? How does Penguin manage to stay warm ???

It takes longer to freeze a glass of water than to freeze an ice cube. Think and Analyse.

How do Penguins keep from freezing to death ?

Penguins can weigh as much as 66 pounds. The larger the animal, the longer it will take to cool down.
Think of a glass of water in the freezer, the more water, the longer it will take to freeze.
1. The layer of fat under their skin works like insulation.
2.Feathers that grow very close together, trap a layer of warm air near the body. Penguins have 50 feathers on every square cm of their body.
When they are standing on ice, some penguins let their feet go cold to save body heat.