He likes to call himself ‘ Super Sid ‘
Full of love and life, he is an amazing kid

With thousands of questions, his eyes so curious
With an ocean of knowledge, his smile so precious


In the world of mystery, he loves to explore
Firm on his belief, to learn more and more

The flying airplanes and the racing cars
Fueled with zeal, he wishes to reach the stars


With his tiny fingers and tiny toes
World of stories as far as he goes

Red, blue, and orange, he paints his life
Rhythmic words on Canvas with brush and knife


If there were no colors, what world would be
Anywhere and everywhere, an art he may see

He loves to experiment with his kits and bricks
Astounded by his performance of his magic tricks

He likes to call himself ‘ Super Sid ‘
Full of ideas and wisdom, he is truly a Wonder Kid!

A detailed video about The Red Planet - Mars !

Interesting facts & mystery of compressed spring !

Learn about density of liquids and reaction of gas.

Concepts of doubling & halving in an easier way.