Why Jeans was made to be Blue ?

Whenever we think of Denim/Jeans, the first colour strikes our mind is colour blue !!


Why not any other colour?
Let’s explore the reason for blue being so popular!


Why not any other colour ?
Let’s explore the reason for blue being so popular !

Imagine if we had to wear White Jeans instead of Blue Jeans everyday?


Jeans are made up of a material called Denim. The name “denim” comes from the name of fabric “Serge de Nimes” initially made in Nimes, France, hence ‘de Nimes’ -DENIM.


Levi Strauss sewed the first jeans from the same white material that he used to make tents and wagon covers. The white trousers got dirty soon, so to make it more practical, he dyed the fabric with Indigo.


INDIGO is an organic dye that has a distinctive blue colour. It was manufactured and used in India, from where it got its name.


Indigo in India was made from the plant Indigofera Tinctoria.


Indigo, a color of blue jeans, was once considered a luxury and worn only by the Richest.