Summer season is Mango Season and we all love Mango !
Siddhant my 3 year old son while eating mangoes pointed out, “Mumma this mango is light yellow and that one is Orange ! WHY ?”
It makes you also think …It made me also think…
The Mango is often cited as being the “World’s most popular fruit” more than any other.

Mangoes have Beta Carotene which is attributed as the source of the yellow/orangy pigmentation of mango flesh.
The greater the intensity of the orange colour of the fruit or vegetable, the more Beta Carotene it contains.

The name Beta Carotene comes from the Greek “Beta” and Latin “Carota” (Carrot).It is yellow/orange pigment that gives vegetables and fruits their rich colours.


H.Wachenroder crystallized Beta-Carotene from Carrot roots in 1831,and came up with the name “Carotene”.
The human body converts Beta Carotene into Vitamin A.It is good for vision,immunity and overall health.
India is the largest producer of Mangoes.India consumes most of its production thus accounting for less than 1% of the International Mango Trade.

Kids Activity : Cut the slice of Mango one light coloured and one orange coloured variety and make incisions with a knife and turn upside down.The mango tortoise is ready.At the time of eating tell them why one is light coloured and other one is Orange coloured,because of presence of amounts of Beta Carotene.


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