Siddhant’s Question#3 Why comes a Sudden Rain at some places ?


On Friday, when I was about to pick my son Siddhant from the school, a sudden big size raindrops started falling.It was a sudden rain for a relatively short time.


When I drove about a km ahead, it was all dry and sunny.

I told my son, “See its not raining here.”

Like Rain, a question suddenly popped in, ” Why it happened that it rained at my school and not here ?”

In┬ásummers, the Earth and the Sea takes the Sun’s energy and warms up a layer of air right above it.

Lot of warm, moist air quickly rises, and cools down, leading to condensation of water vapour and formation of big clouds.


This happens when the air is unstable ie relatively colder air above and when there is enough mild and moist air under.


The air being very unstable,large water droplets fall, resulting in sudden rainstorms but is for shorter time.


Quick showers that appear suddenly on a hot summer day usually come from Cumulonimbus Clouds.

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