Siddhant’s Question#2 How does Television affect kids ?

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Siddhant once watching Television asked me,’Mumma you always say that too much Television is not good for kids.Kids love Television,then how does it affect them?’

Television Rewires Your Brain !

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In 1969,Herbert Krugman conducted a series of experiments regarding the effect of television on a person’s brainwaves.He monitored a person – in less than one minute of Television viewing the person’s brainwaves switched from Beta waves to Alpha waves.When the subject stopped watching Television and began reading book, the brainwaves reverted to Beta waves.


Beta waves is considered to be a normal awake state associated with active and logical thinking.


Alpha waves are experienced in a deep relaxation or day dreaming state.When in the alpha state,a person is subjected to a passive learning experience with the eight side of the brain at the wheel,leaving critical thinking skills behind.

How it affects Child concentration Skills ?


Children’s TV program is lightning fast and loaded with stimuli,so a person’s brain might become adjusted to that over time.When a teacher is not able to supplement lectures or classes with dinosaurs,characters and explosions, a child’s television altered attention span may be so deprived that he cannot stay concentrate on topics and stay focused.



Too much of television can really rewire your attention span in a significant manner.

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