Lord Krishna is often addressed as “Mormukutdhari”. There is a very interesting story behind the Peacock Feather.
One day, wonderful vibrations and melodious raga from Krishna’s flute, enchanted the peacocks in and around the Govardhan hills, and they began to dance. Peacocks heart began to sing in happiness, and jumped up and down, flapping their wings.
It was extremely splendid to see Lord Krishna dance amidst them.
The king of the Peacocks approached Lord Krishna, “You have created a festival of bliss for which we remain eternally indebted to You. It is our duty to offer you ‘Gurudakshina’.”
The king peacock offered with great humility its feathers as an offering.The Lord accepted it and adorned it on his forehead.

Peacock is also known to be incarnation of Garud, the animal on which Lord Vishnu travels. Peacock embellished with extraordinary importance, auspiciousness and seven primary colours, it is declared as National Bird in free India.

Amazing fact :
The eyes in the feathers are seen on both the sides, which is very rare in nature.

Kids Activity :
Let the kids create the feather … decorate with sequins, and narrate the story !

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