Siddhant’s Question#1: Why does the Ball Bounce?


My 3 year old son Siddhant was busy playing with a ball,when suddenly he turns and asks me “Why does the ball bounce ?I throw it on the floor and it jumps up high ?There is definitely a logic and physics hidden behind this question.

Elasticity and Air Pressure makes the    Ball Bounce !

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Activity :

Take a ball and squeeze it with your hand, you will notice that it quickly return to its original shape, this is ELASTICITY.

When the ball hits the floor,it gets deformed, it pushes back against the floor to return to its original shape and shoots higher up in the air.




Balls with more air pressure will bounce better, because air when compressed will spring back to its original shape and rise above the ground.

If the ball is not full of air, then it doesn’t bounce well, as it has lesser air pressure to push back against the ground.



While playing with the ball ,kids can learn Two concepts Elasticity and Air Pressure.

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