Siddhant’s Question #4 : Why racing cars have spoilers ?

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Kids are fond of collecting cars and racing cars especially fascinates due to their beautiful design.


My son Siddhant once while playing with a racing car, asked why does it have wing type thing at the back.

I told him those are called Spoilers.

A question still remained unanswered, but why Spoilers ?

The Learning Brush will help you understand the Aerodynamics! 

Why Racing Cars have Spoilers ?


Modern racing cars are designed to have wings termed as Spoilers, which are at the back and front of the car.The spoilers are thoughtfully planned to stop the car from taking off, so as the air passes over the spoilers, it tends to pull the car back on to the track.It also gives the driver better steering and control.



Cars like Ferrari F1 cars, are the most scientifically advanced transportation. Ferrari F1 cars have front and back spoilers.


Spoilers are designed in the cars to increase their grip on the road. Spoilers prevent lift by changing the path of thr air. It makes the airflow at the rear of the vehicle to leave in a horizontal or upward manner, thus not producing lift.

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The spoiler functions similar to an airplane wing, but upside down.


When a passenger plane is landing, flaps on the Wings lifts, reducing lift and creating drag which in turn decreases the speed of the plane.


Fact :

If there are 2 cars racing with each other, the car that has adjusted its rear spoiler angle will be much faster than the car that hasn’t.

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