Siddhant Question#7 Why School Buses are Yellow ?


“The wheels on the bus go round and round” is one of the most famous and favourite Nursery Rhyme.
My son Siddhant was singing this today while returning from school and a Question pops in !
Why School Buses are Yellow ?







The School bus universal yellow colour carries a hidden secret of Colours and Transport Safety. School bus yellow is not pure yellow but a mix of yellow and orange, similar to the color of the flesh of a mango.

The school bus are chosen to be yellow because of its attention-grabbing qualities. It gets noticed faster than any other colour.


For instance, in one’s peripheral vision, studies have shown that humans notice the colour yellow 1.24 times faster than another eye-catching colour, red.


Yellow is also particularly visible in the early morning and evening light, when school buses usually operate. The hope was that people would see the colour of the bus quickly and know to slow down and be mindful of the children on board, being dropped off, or picked up.

Even when you are looking straight ahead, you can see a yellow object that is not in front of you “in the corners of your eyes” much sooner than any other color even red (Lateral peripheral vision).


Many experts also point out that colors such as yellow or greenish-yellow are more visible to the human eye under dimmer conditions(If there’s fog or any kind of bad weather) compared to red.

Not only are school buses yellow, but also many earth-moving, road-building and other outdoor machines are yellow because you could get hurt if you accidentally run into one of them.


Article Credit : Shital Kumar Garg ( Scientist, DRDO )

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