MarkSharks is disrupting the unidirectional traditional mode of teaching and learning which is in practice since ages.With the new generation and new technology,definitely a drastic change was needed to keep up the pace with today’s world.
MarkSharks has fabricated an unique method to teach concepts of Maths and Science to secondary school students. It functions on ‘Learning By Doing’ with the content which is 100% hands on and learner-led.

It delivers the power to students to meaningfully and educationally utilise the mobile devices to work on a concept or theory.
Despite the technology upgradations ,students have been submissive to ‘Passive mode of Learning’,where the process of teaching is globally the same ‘Unidirectional’. Whether the learning is through chalkboard,whiteboard or smartboard, the method is always ‘watch and listen’.
The learning process isn’t appealing to the students as they feel they are forced to memorize everything and express in an uniform manner. Parents are worried at the same time as the kids are deviating from learning to gaming on mobiles and I-pads.
MarkSharks has definitely mastered the technology to draft a fabulous Duo “Learning Through Mobile.”


MarkSharks is a learning app where students use mobile devices to learn concepts in a truly immersive, multi sensory and meaningful manner through games, simulations,
Virtual experiments and interactive exercises – active learning.
Students can analyse their own performance in MarkSharks tests, and also compare with their friends who are MarkSharks users. Parents and Teachers can also track the child’s performance, time spent on every lesson and the content covered.
‘Social learning network’ help the students to connect and share notes with friends and also seek help from online tutors on MarkSharks.
Exclusive Features of MarkSharks :
1.MarkSharks enables use of on device cameras and sensors to conduct real life experiments.
2.The MarkSharks team of senior educationists has over 100 years of combined global experience in education, training and curriculum design.

MarkSharks apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store onto any Android device for use anytime anywhere.Various apps which are available for download are –
Class 8 Maths and Science
Class 9 Science
Lateral Inversion
Air Pollution
Sliding Friction
Moon Phases
Air pollution by MarkSharks App :

The app educates the students about the alarming situations of air pollution and underlying major causes.The students can minimise the air pollution and improve the air quality of the city by reducing the usage of vehicles, industries and burning of forests. It surely is a perfect and an interesting method of educating today’s generation kids.
Seismograph by MarkSharks App :

screenshot_20170109-104527 screenshot_20170109-104534
The Seismograph app very clearly explains about Earth’s crust, Earth’s tectonic plates, the plates movements over the years, and what causes the Earthquake.

screenshot_20170109-104444 screenshot_20170109-104616


The app also educates the students about Seismograph as to how to it measures the intensity of an Earthquake and what is Vertical Seismograph and Horizontal Seismograph.

Moon Phases App by MarkSharks :

The Moon Phases app demonstrates the lunar cycle – Waxing and Waning in the utmost perfect manner. The students can experience the different phases of the Moon on a single touch.

screenshot_20170109-104210 screenshot_20170109-104249
The MarkSharks has certainly changed the definition of learning !