Journey of Indian Tricolour Flag


Journey of our Tiranga !



Years after years, we have been becoming more familiar with tricolour Indian flag, but do we know who first designed the Indian Tricolour Flag ?

Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi did a detailed research more than 30 country flags, before coming to the final fabrication of present Tricolour Indian Flag.



On March 31,1921 Pengali Venkayya first came up with the idea of the Indian flag in Indian National Congress conference in Kakihada.

Mahatma Gandhi contributed the white strip to Venkayya’s Saffron and Green Flag while Arya Samaj movement founder Lala Hansraj fabricated the ‘Dharam Chakra’ (Wheel of Law)

The present Tricolour was adopted just few days before India’s Independence on 22 July 1947 at a meeting of the Constituent Assembly.


Why Ashok Chakra is Navy Blue in Colour ?

Ashok Chakra is designed to be navy blue in colour in the center of the white strip of Indian Flag.The navy blue represents the colour of sky and ocean.

The Ashoka Chakra is the wheel of the law of Dharma : Truth or Satya, Dharma or Virtue ought to be the controlling principles of those who work under this flag.

Indian Flag is the only flag which can also be visualised in the nature !


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